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Tipping Point with AI?

A Point Of No Return?

Of course there were Early Warning Signals (EWS)! But regulations will continue to lag as we come in at the tail end of adoption.

I honestly do not think we can stop the tide of "progress" with the

1. Mass experimentation - the APIs, open source material, and the co-creator industry will push this forward.

2. Mass accumulation of data through data industries and research grants (researchers scrapped millions of profiles and pictures of individuals from the web which are open source or have taken data sets for training without permission of copyrighted works, later using them for profits),

3. and Stealth AI (profits and competitiveness aside).

If we want self-governance we need to deploy education material rapidly to all ages (children, parents, schools, universities, researchers, organisations, decision makers, board members, policy makers, purchasing managers etc).

Are we ready? if you would like to read more on AI governance and ethics and similar topics, visit:

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