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Setting Guardrails for an AI-Enabled World

What does it mean to set guardrails in an AI-Enabled world? 

This will be a thought provoking panel. We will discuss the possibilities of AI and illustrate with examples - why we believe guardrails are important. Together the group will offer some suggestions of how these guardrails can be built. 

Collectively I do believe that we can build a better world for humanity and the planet if we use AI wisely. This means we really need to understand the bolts and nuts of AI (no hype). We need to be ruthless in confronting what is working and what is not to understand the long-term implications of our decisions (ignorance is a decision).

Registrations are limited for the roundtable:

Date: 19 July, 2024

Time: 12-1 EST

Panel members:

 Aurélie JEAN, Ph.D., In Silico Veritas (ISV)

 Mark Esposito, PhD, Hult International Business School & Harvard Center for International Development

● BettinaLaugwitz, SAP

Register here:


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