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AI Bias - Some Insights from 2021 Kaggle Survey on Data Scientists

Where does AI biases come from? Well the most obvious is data and programming!

This recent survey from the Kaggle community on data scientists is illuminating!

1. Gender bias exists - only 16.2% are women and this has been from 2017! Women are 49.7 % of the global population!!!! This needs to change as women are not only closing the gender gap but influence key decisions about life and spending.

2. Age bias exists - only 15% of data scientists surveyed are over the age of 40!! Last time I checked, 40+ were more than 38% of the population! This is HUGE as we move to a more raging population we need more representation - young people DO NOT understand ageing. 40% of the population will be aged over 65 years by 2050 (OECD). Nothing was more clear and proved true during COVID about this divide.

3. Data teams are small suggesting these can become echo chambers if not careful - 50% work in small teams of 1-5 people. What is the optimal size? Love to hear from you!

More here if you are interested but we have a lot of work to do!! Link

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