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AI Enabled Business - Our Book Launch

Yesterday was special, we launched our new book, AI Enable Business: A Smart Decision Kit at MBR School of Government. We started this project - in early 2019 and released a small book for participants of our Agile Government Design Thinking workshop. This project was followed with a summary book. This latest book was a COVID project. Lots of research (thank you Aaisha Balakrishnan), many discussions on AI (thank you IEEE Standards Association | IEEE SA community and kids) and opportunities to reconfirm our thoughts.

We are three very different type of authors - and this diversity of thinking was phenomenal as it helped make the book better. We were very lucky to have many people to encourage, inspire and help us with reviews. The reality is AI is evolving at such a fast pace. I remember just before the book was published we updated one of the pictures to add ChatGPT!

Thank you all for attending, your support and reading the book. We hope it makes a difference on how you make decisions about AI.

The book is available on Amazon. You can also follow me at


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