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To the 2022 Graduates

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

It was not easy. Some of you began at the start of the COVID pandemic. Some of you were frontliners - working so hard to keep us safe while balancing your studies. You were so calm about your role and we salute you! I know we thought the world was going nuts (hopefully never again).

Some of you worked in healthcare - caring for the sick, saving lives and even getting sick yourself. Some of you were deployed to protect the country and adapted your role as required. Others even worked to help other countries. Thank you!

Some of you were mothers. During the "disinfection period", the lockdown, not only did you manage your homes, your children's education but your own. Some of you had the responsibility of managing elderly and this was not easy as this time period was frightening. We were isolated and family and friends were not as close to reach as we thought they could be!

Yet, you were just were so generous, helping others because that is what leaders do! Thank you.

Some of us lost family and friends during these two years. It was tough but the spirit fought, and we rallied and learnt and taught each other. Hopefully making each other stronger.

We learnt to learn online, and managed with the new tools, the connectivity challenges and the loss of quality from face to face interactions. We were accommodating to our classmates and their needs, because we knew that we are strong as the most vulnerable one and that the times were challenging for all of us!

So this graduation, was not normal. It was a celebration of your spirit. A huge thank you to my students! Across the various programs of Master of Innovation Management, Master of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration and the Executive Masters of Public Administration students! Some, I have had a privilege to teach!

Thank you to the amazing faculty who adapted and rolled with the punches. We never gave up and even though for most of us, family was in other countries, we persevered to do the best - working with the MBRSG family, helping however we could, because we know our students are amazing.

We celebrated the opening up of borders and shared our knowledge. We celebrated the magnificent Expo 2020! And NOW, how fitting we celebrate you, our students, at one of the most beautiful buildings in the world - the Museum of the Future! You are after all the future leaders! I have no doubt that each of you will make us proud (er) in your new journey. Perhaps we will be mentors - but always we are your cheerleaders and knowledge supporters.

Honoured to have HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, HE Sheikh Lubna al Qassimi, HE Abdulla Al Falasi (Chairman of the MBRSG Board of Trustees), HE Aisha Abdulla Miran, Raja Al Mazrouei and our Dean Prof. Raed Awamleh at the event.

A special shoutout to my amazing MIM students! So proud of all of you!


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