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Moving into the Metaverse, AI ethics and all those things.....

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More physical brands are moving into virtual places. Honda just tied up with gaming company Darewise (Amonica Brands) to leverage its auto innovation in game. This will lead to more fans - for example, Hondaverse, an island on Fortnite has already been proved to be popular. They used Twitch and Hondaverse to promote its latest e-vehicle Honda Prologue.

Increasingly we will see the overlap of physical and virtual worlds. In some cases it is marketing and targeting a new group of customers. In some cases it is to "sell data" already existing in a company system, or its to acquire additional data (you can collect a lot of information on psychological profiles of customers during game play).

L’Oréal just accounted that it considered itself a tech company (or watch this video here), so this seems to be the new way we are going. This disruption - fuelled by technologies in hardware (headsets and infrastructure) and software space (like Gen AI) will lead to a national competitiveness race and also more chaotic regulations.

Data seems to be the fuel. Open AI is meanwhile on an acquisition spree - the latest announcement leaves me very worried as they have tied up with Arizona State University - and while the purpose is to 'enhance learning, creativity and student outcomes' - we know this all experimental and I wonder if faculty and students have a choice - especially as it maybe their data and what are there data safeguards? While the press release says "invites submissions from faculty and staff", it also says about OpenAI....(do they not know about the New York Times case against Open AI and Microsoft?).

We urgently need to start educating decision makers on AI and some of the consideration points. Here are some quick resources

  1. AI Enable Business: A Smart Decision Kit - will let you know some of the tradeoffs and decision criteria of investing, outsourcing, building, deploying and endorsing AI. Available on Amazon

  2. The benefits of a multidisciplinary lens for artificial intelligence system ethics: Here

Please contact me if you want to know more! Let's talk.

Technology is a tool and its benefits are dependent on the humans using it.


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