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Can AI Think? Or Reason?

It is the age of LLMs or GenAI - but can these machines think? Or reason?

The answer is NO.

Here is why. These examples above show you HOW an AI makes decisions. It really depends on the data, the training and the algorithm. The speed at which it goes through these steps is a function of its compute power which is increasing day by day, but this does not mean it "thinks", it means you have a more difficult time verifying its output.

Hence every organization must be sure that your core knowledge is not becoming obsolete by AI. It is irreplicable. 

Many LLMs and GenAI models train crawling through the internet. Do you know how many weblinks disappear every year? It is estimated that there are over 1.71 billion websites but only 0.06% are active! Please DO NOT underestimate the value of knowledge in your organisation in people. You don't want a Boeing problem.

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